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Visual Studio 2010 will be formally included F #

In 2007, Microsoft revealed that F # will become sometime in the future. NET platform, first-class language. Now, it finally announced that F # will be included in Visual Studio 2010 in.

F # - Microsoft to support the first major of the functional language, its based on OCaml. Ocaml selected part of the reason is that it supports functional, imperative and object-oriented programming style mix. Although the F # and OCaml is the place to attract people to functional programming, but also other important aspects that they can use. NET Framework features.

Now, F # has not been considered as. NET 4.0 features. But rather as more like the J # distribution package as an independent release. This allows Microsoft to F # in Mono and runs on CLR 2.0 platform support.

With another the same spirit of the new Microsoft language, F # compiler and tools at Microsoft Public License (Microsoft Public License) open source under. This license agreement is all Microsoft licensing agreements the most liberal one, Basically you just keep on copyright and not to sue, then you can do anything you want.

In Visual Studio in, F # does not tend to be alone. Although Microsoft is encouraging developers to use F # to build the core of the application, but they still recommended presentation layer VB and C #. Don Syme went on to explain:

Our concern is that the F # release a high-quality core tools, Visual Studio can enhance the strength, make them a rich interface development capabilities of object-oriented programming environment. Result, we made a clear decision, in this release or use of C # and Visual Basic's powerful ability to present the interface and as a designer with good support for programming languages. This means that, F # users will be using Visual Studio design tools to generate C # or Visual Basic code, and put these components into their applications in F #.

Although beyond the OCaml F # based functionality, but it did not completely abandon them. Through the use of F # Power Pack components, developers will still be able to write the F # compiler for the OCaml code. This requires the use of a limited subset of the language, although tools can be expected to inform the developer which is only applicable to F # code, but people still feel a lot of restrictions.

Don Syme Summary:

F # is Microsoft Research, Cambridge, and Microsoft's joint development at the senior development projects. I am very pleased to participate as a language architect, and I will always remain in Microsoft Research. Our strong team, including from Cambridge, Redmond, Vancouver and the Chinese people, some team members also work in Germany and New York. I have been to these and a project I worked on the same people and they are impressed by the talent show, and I hope that this project at Microsoft to become a leading example of innovative development.

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Expert: the open source community is its own worst enemy

Famous foreign websites "Defamation" published an article today from well-known journalist Bruce Bayfield's commentary said the free and open source software (hereinafter referred to as FOSS) communities biggest enemy is not Microsoft, nor any other company, but the FOSS community itself . FOSS community does not exist in nine attitude conducive to the development of FOSS, reads as follows:

I am very love of freedom and open source software. There are two reasons: First, a servant of freedom in this area, I can write what you really want to write; Second, the open source community is not only very smart people, but also full of passion and courage to practice. This is an exciting field, for the work in this area I am very lucky.

However, sometimes the FOSS community's biggest enemy may be itself. The view of some deep-rooted to FOSS community solidarity is no longer the same as before, is not conducive to FOSS common goal - to provide proprietary software or open source alternative to the spirit of free and open source software. In fact, the open source community more or less at certain times people have these attitudes, including me, but we have very little to talk openly about them. And it is for this reason, these attitudes are continuing to impact on the advance of the community.

To overcome these problems the first to admit they exist, these are my own and from around the FOSS community who summed up the nine common problems for reference:

1, do not know the common development of rival

At any time, FOSS FOSS community is the foundation of ideals or beliefs, it is inevitable that different views exist. This religious and political groups with some similar standards for FOSS, people have different views, and arguments among whom, it is not surprising.

However, many times when people forget the debate have a common goal. Some professional or semi-professional scholars to attack other members of the community as his own career, I am not mentioning their names, because that will be issued free of charge for the advertising they do.

These scholars are often stunned the world, but in most cases, their motives are just to raise their visibility, while completely ignoring their words brought to the open source community's divisive.

Worse, now free software and open source software there is a split between supporters. Undeniably, there is a difference between the two ideas: the free software are more concerned about the freedom of users; and even more attention to high-quality open source software. Despite these differences, but the members of the two camps often use the same license for the same project work, and have a common goal.

So why is critical to seize the difference between the two tightly? In this world, no one can find and its the same as another person.

2, too much attention to procedures

Program is a common interest in FOSS community, it is natural, community members will spend a lot of time to discuss it. However, if you want to FOSS in the community and others who are interested in your program, just talk about the process itself, may have little effect, unless the other party is also a developer. Even the most prominent feature of FOSS - free of charge, people may have little interest in this, otherwise, should be more people to use the shared software.

For most people, although there is a long time every day using the computer, but the process itself is not their best interest.

As the Free Software Foundation Executive Director Peter Brown has pointed out many years ago, FOSS needs to examples of waste recycling campaign to learn something. Recovery did not explain to people who are melting the glass and then re-use process, they are just talking about recycling can to the benefit of everyone's life.

Similarly, FOSS community will stop talking about its licensing procedures or methods, some of it away more about the benefits to consumers, such as user rights, privacy and freedom of speech, not just limited to the computer program itself.

3, to meet the imitation of other operating systems

Over the years, FOSS has been imitating Windows and OS X. This imitation is inevitable, because FOSS late start, but in a very long period of time, money and manpower in terms of lack of competition than a lot of proprietary software.

In addition, if an open source operating system to meet the people have a very familiar mode of operation, then it allows people to more easily switch to it from other operating systems on. Developers do not have to waste time reinventing the window menu style or copy / paste the key combination.

However, the imitation of the practice has its own weaknesses. May lead to blind copy, for example, by imitating it to the main menu design in the lower left corner, but actually on the top left corner if it can be more convenient for people to use it. In addition, the copy means that you are always at least a step slower than the others. This is not conducive to attracting new users, who prefer to use one that does not have the latest design and functionality of the operating system do?

In fact, in many ways, FOSS has to catch up or are about to catch up with commercial operating systems, such as desktop applications and Office applications suite. In some ways even leading edge, such as the latest KDE4. However, most community members have not yet completed from imitation to innovation in the ideological transformation, which may block the advance of FOSS.

Ubuntu founder Mark Shuttleworth as last summer, as claimed, it is not enough just to catch up with Apple's goal should be over it.

4, on the new unfriendly

All communities are groups of people into a circle. There are many FOSS community has existed for many years groups, together with its development is built on the basis of membership contributions, so compared to other communities, it may be even more closed to newcomers, isolated. If a newcomer hoping to integrate into the community, not only to the first contribution to a certain amount of technical expertise, but also to understand the many unwritten rules.

Perhaps we can understand the situation, but these practices are inexcusable, and many community members who made no secret of the impatience of the new and contempt. In the open source community, I have seen many times for the novice to some simple questions in response is "RTFM (read the manual that damn short)" and I think this response is not polite to lose let rookies understand the interest in FOSS.

Obviously, many community members do not realize that most people encounter problems, the first to hope is to obtain help from others, rather than their own to read the documentation, or, if we can get the right help, perhaps He will establish a link with the community, the future might also contribute to the community.

Of course, not everyone is suitable for technical support. However, a simple guide code, may be able to make real newcomers to the community, not patience or contempt, it will only allow them to stay away from the community, which is obviously inconsistent with the spirit of free and open source software.

5, developers have the same privileges

FOSS launched in developers, but until now their work is still the center of the open source movement. However, many people may not notice, this community's growth has far exceeded the original size. Especially in some large projects, document writers, testers, designers, marketing personnel and managers, have become an important contributor. A FOSS software release, has become a lot of people with different skills, the result of joint collaboration.

However, despite this change, in many projects, developers usually have a non-"second-class citizen" treatment. In many cases, they can not become a true member of the project, but do not have the right to vote. If a non-developer proposed a project helpful suggestions, in most cases the developer's response was, "We look forward to your code", otherwise, not be considered.

In this environment, if non-developers to lose enthusiasm for the project, it is not surprising. If you lose them, a modern software project a lot of work had not even completed.

6, the energy is concentrated on the hate Microsoft

Microsoft, the community has been skeptical, indeed, in addition to Microsoft, not a proprietary software company has been hostile to FOSS, and the recent show good and far too frequently hypocritical, difficult to impress people in the open source community. However, part of the open source community seem to be more energy to fight for and against Microsoft, the top and forget the principle of freedom of the computer industry.

There are several areas that could get us reduce this hostility, first of all, it will not help achieve the goal FOSS can not improve our efficiency. As the openSUSE Community Leader Joe Brockmeier has pointed out, instead of spending time on hate Microsoft on open source projects do not contribute as much on some power.

More importantly, these feelings can cause people outside the open source community's misunderstanding that this is the mainstream attitude of open-source community, and thus finds the open source community in a Yuan Fu like everyone, suspicious and like to complain. This is not conducive to encouraging outside involvement in the FOSS community.

However, strong anti-Microsoft sentiment to give up the biggest reason is that it may allow community members to ignore the other proprietary software rivals. For example, it does not seem to care about Apple's ownership of actions, in fact, in many ways, Apple has become a major rival FOSS.

7, the commercial development as a growth model

FOSS projects are more and more like some large commercial software sector, for example, many products, whether or not to publish a new version of need, are set to release a fixed version of the program, which has become the standard number of projects, including GNOME, Ubuntu and Fedora, etc. . Recently, Ubuntu's founder also put forward the major projects implemented in its "simultaneous release plan"'s point of view the issuers business Geng easy to plan the Genju version released, Buguozhijin far, 杩欎釜 view does not get more support.

In some cases, learn from experience in business application development approach is very useful. However, we should always bear in mind, though FOSS can use commercial software development model, but their goals are different. For example, when a project committed to regularly release new version, does go against the open source "ready redistribution, rather than engage in regularly published" principle? If if he continues, quality control is inevitable to happen sooner or later of.

More importantly, FOSS development is fundamentally different from the majority of commercial software development. In many cases, FOSS developers in the majority of the members are a large number of volunteers scattered around the world, not a commercial development team. FOSS development, as evidenced by history, this environment means that it must form their own side of the development side of the workflow. For example, if the testers are volunteers, how do you ensure that the required test plan can be completed on time? Therefore, and many other things, like, FOSS needs innovation, rather than simply using "used."

8, the market share as the primary goal

If you give up the FOSS ideals, or the user does not support them, by having more users is meaningless. Market share growth for the same time excited, FOSS community needs to remember, your goal is not just to provide an alternative software, but the computer industry to promote the free open-source ideas and relationships.

If people are only concerned to gain market share, might cause the number of members of the community growth, but may be the most successful moments are the most important things lost.

9, no need to implement a completely free operating system

Now from a fully non-proprietary operating system objectives have been very close, you might think that people in the open source community will work harder to achieve this goal. However, according to the Free Software Foundation recently released "The most urgent need to complete a free software project" data, in the community many people think that there is no need to achieve this ultimate goal. Because they believe that, in any case it must use proprietary drivers for the graphics, or to use YouTube, Adobe Flash Player. We have been very close to free desktop system, so no need to consider the completion of the remaining some distance, at least all the other projects are available for free download.

This think the situation is good enough view, it seems contrary to open source software in the important principle of the pursuit of perfection. More specifically, this means accepting defeat and gave up the idea to provide free alternative operating system. When the distance is so close to the ultimate goal of the time, why did he choose to abandon it?


For the FOSS community, there is the attitude, people may have different views. I know that many people will they have different views, for or against my views.

However, my purpose is not only to focus attention on these issues. My real idea is, FOSS has been growing so quickly to such a large scale, it takes time to review and inventory of yourself, if the views of some of the old is still useful or whether new methods are consistent with its core values. Become larger in the past, the open source community to check and evaluate their own attitudes. Otherwise, it will face great risks, if not complete failure, for their own development process will bring some unnecessary obstacles.


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Wang Quanguo: to "King Kong" solid as a rock

Qiu Bojun and the legend of WPS, Lei Jun passion blood, "Swordsman Food of Love" in another way, the company listed overseas fame, is Kingsoft two decades in the signs of the development. Started as a software, technology Liye the IT companies, its own information technology are not as many people to pay attention. But the recent "King Kong" (Kingsoft ERP system code) of the start and allows the construction of Jinshan software IT process frequently in the media prior to exposure of correspondents has Yuefang the Kingsoft vice president and CIO Wang Quanguo, as the company information The "Master", Jinshan Wang Quanguo opened for us the mystery of the deployment of information technology.

Information is the promoter of development

Wang Quanguo interview journalists in Beijing Jinshan's "Write Your" meeting rooms, the conference room wall posters of Mao Zedong's famous words as "Mao Zedong's poem Spring Snow." Poem writing against the background of the Shaanxi-Gansu Central Red Army had just arrived to build their own base, faced with external aggression and internal KMT encirclement Japanese double crisis. Jinshan Select poem as a VIP meeting room name, must have had its meaning. Jinshan is for, and have a strong opponent of this threat to Microsoft, there are a number of internal pursuit of domestic software companies, coupled with an endless stream of pirated software, so that is always at the internal and external problems among Jinshan. The face of these, Wang Quanguo seem very calm and quiet: "Fortunately, Jinshan along the way, the harvest is also worthy of pay. And Jinshan many times during the development of critical turning point, solidarity with the information."

Wang Quanguo an example: "Since 2003, Golden began to transition to Internet business, will own WPS, drug tyrants and other software products sold via the Internet the way to overseas, and after all the upgrades and fully rely on the Internet. If this period is not an information system to support product running on the Internet, we propose a model of Internet marketing can not shape. "This business only from the initial support prepaid card, and now mobile phone subscriptions, bank card payment, the first three payment platform operating business model, mature and perfect them. Naturally, this can also understand why the beginning of 2007, the company invested nearly 100 million yuan effort to create the online game business and enterprise information platform.

In Wang Quanguo view, information in the company's broad range of applications, because "itself is everywhere need it a computer company." In Jinshan, each at least one computer, on to the managers, down to the warehouse are the same. Therefore, whether business or management, are related to information content. And how the information platform on re-built, so that all sectors of the business uniform, so that information Jinshan rocket-propelled spaceship, in fact, Wang Quanguo already know, because after two years of effort he and his subordinates, the new ERP system, "King Kong" was formally launched.

"King Kong" three-step

August 29, 2008, named "King Kong" Jinshan formally launched the ERP system. The Gold Mountain to the new system named "King Kong" also shows the beginning determined to build a rock solid commitment to enterprise information systems. When talking about effects, Wang Quanguo confidently said: "Gold Mountain ERP project on-line a few months, the company of people, financial, and material management process efficiency increases, Jinshan second quarter financial data is from the new on-line the ERP system. "

Selection from the start of the project in early 2007 to "King Kong" formally launched, Jinshan two years experienced in this difficult process of selection and implementation. When all are concerned about the new system on line Jinshan time, few people noticed 43-year-old Wang Quanguo temples of white hair. "Selection During that time, when I go to bed thinking about the choice in which company's ERP system." Wang Quanguo behind somewhat humorous answer, but it is, and team members spent numerous sleepless nights.

According to reports, three phases in Jinshan ERP. First, find out the real situation. Self-examination within the enterprise, and found the large and small, even up to more than 100 types of systems. "Companies in all sectors have their own system, or even a good relationship with several colleagues set up their own system"; Second, understanding of peers. The emerging new concept of IT industry, select the ERP is not nothing new. Jinshan to the ERP system has been accompanied by visits from the actual demand, began to choose their own ERP system; Finally, the company's decision-making. Taking into account the future needs of Jinshan's development and growth of the ERP system as an excellent business management support, the company finally decided to cooperate with SAP, which is the first time in internet business. At present, most Internet companies can only achieve financial ERP data integration, and Gold Mountain is the first to corporate finance, human resources, supply chain sector demand into account, to achieve system integration of Internet companies.

Innovation has always insisted Jinshan has chosen SAP's ERP system, this issue appears to be contrary to the principle of Jinshan, Wang Quanguo do not think so. "Gold Mountain To develop and grow, vision can not be confined to domestic and selected foreign ERP system is to give Jinshan's management with international standards, which does not contradict our independent research and development products." Remarks also revealed the Jinshan large beachhead in the future ambitions of the foreign market.

This ambition is not without the possibility of realization, while the on-line ERP is a solid basis for the original company Kingsoft solve existing problems. First, strengthening the foundation for management, simplifying the company's processes, the production process reduced from 100 to 60; Second, the standard operation of the company's various departments, the company Zhongyao data yield a security; Finally, among the various departments system to achieve a unified and orderly convergence as a whole and enhance the company's production efficiency. When summing up the results achieved, Wang Quanguo succinctly summarized: the implementation of tangible results, apply, with the good.

Management "martial arts master" has know-how

In ancient Chinese martial arts, the Shaolin martial arts master has a large, all equipped with special skills, as the abbot of Shaolin martial arts masters to manage the not easy to do. In Jinshan, Wang Quanguo on the play "abbot" role. The company employs more than 1,300, more than 60% people are engaged in R & D related work, can say that most people are R & D, "martial arts master," how to manage these martial arts, strong personality, "master" mean ?

Programmer origin Wang Quanguo very clear that these "martial arts master," where personality, but also know that if the "masters" who do not do the right personality to guide, may give the company information technology to bring the resistance. But management, he has his own set.

First Strict process. Developers used to "develop their own use", but this approach may easily lead to the development other than those of other men in addition to use of the system difficult to understand methods and functions, therefore, Jinshan requires developers who have the necessary Jiaoliu form a unified application development norms, in accordance requirements for development and operation and maintenance action, the collective wisdom to solve problems; addition is the clear responsibility for the development of many personnel division of tasks, in case of problems, it is easy to find those responsible; In addition, discussions also Tongguo colleagues in relevant departments will be brought together, the recent summary of the problems discovered, the best way to find a solution.

In the ERP system implementation process, Wang Quanguo that "technology and features as important as" the implementation of the idea. Technically, there is a special consultant on staff training, their professional staff to quickly learn new systems; and functional, the company IT department set up a dedicated maintenance team, moment of the system maintenance, to ensure the new system worked well in the implementation process.

CIO other as "tasteless"

In traditional enterprises, IT departments and CIO of treatment I get is not so optimistic. A U.S. research institution in the 450 non-IT business managers survey found that, based on a significance in setting strategic business level sorting, the eight senior executive positions, IT Fuze Jin Human Resources leader who people listed in the last second bit, the domestic CIO position more awkward. In Jinshan, Wang Quanguo addition to serving as CIO, but also oversees the company's supply chain management, business development decision-making, is one of the company's core leadership, this has provided a good CIO peer reference.

"Information technology can contribute to the development of the traditional corporate business, this part of the investment is necessary, therefore to establish the CIO's leadership and authority." On the issue of traditional enterprise CIO, the Wang Quanguo profound understanding said: "The traditional enterprise information construction reaches a certain height, CIO's responsibilities will shift accordingly, so the CIO is concerned, to strengthen its overall competitiveness is the key. CIO must be Jizhi IT will manage and understand complex business people, need to have comprehensive knowledge of the framework, good at learning, diligent practice. so as to lead the IT department to help companies create value, there could not be considered ' chicken ribs' of. "


End of the interview, Wang Quanguo got up and hurried to another meeting room. ERP selection and formally launched in Jinshan these two years, he and his team paid a lot of hard; and the on-line ERP is only a beginning, to meet his future will be more busy and more challenges.

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Kabbah did not lead to infringement retrial - Jiangmin infringement

No lack of anti-virus industry has always lively,

This does not, Jiangmin company recently sued Kaspersky For another very public case of infringement,

Although the event has subsided,

However, groundless, and the total reason, may wish to months after Zhuge, a comprehensive analysis of some ... ...

Result from

The causes of things from the Russian "link network" a press report saying that the Russian-known anti-virus software vendor, Kaspersky Lab accusations, the Chinese anti-virus software companies Jiangmin Science and Technology is a secret from the company's Russian site on access to anti-virus data. Reported that the head of Kaspersky Lab Information Olga Kobza Zvonareva has confirmed the news. She said that the current Kaspersky Lab China office staff, are on this matter in contact with Jiangmin company.

Originally thought that it would be a normal business tort cases, all are predictable, but the development of the next things but in people's surprise. First Jiangmin public statements the company denied the news of Kaspersky to sue Jiangmin, also said the site could never get from Russian anti-virus data. Followed by Kaspersky (Chinese) company spokeswoman Zhang Likun denied infringement, said that not the case.

So, how to treat this incident? Kabbah was framed? Or as Jiangmin as claimed, is a malicious slander someone? The problem seems.

Doubt point

Profile control of the incident bore the official breaking belly, we may wish to make a hypothesis, assume that this is not a fake news article. Kabbah - Jiangmin infringement occurs, many media have reported the matter, SAN also brought the incident made the topic, from the responsibility of the media point of view, the domestic media, including Sina definitely not fake. So, the news first appeared in Russia "link network", the Council will not be "link network" maliciously false, 蹇芥偁 the Chinese media? I do not know Russian, can not understand the specific content of the original information, but through the understanding of network ties, I believe that link networks are not false, just search on the site, you will find many large domestic technology news site are from the site, and the site's alexa ranking is very front, in this position, the fabrication cost is too high.

The assumption that the authenticity of the news, we look at the events themselves. Ties Kaspersky Internet infringement news release of the Russian headquarters, and the last out is undeniable that the Chinese company Kaspersky, headquarters did not come out closing arguments, the Kaspersky China's position also seems to be the personal Zhang Likun tell the truth, and not as a formal statement issued as Jiangmin. In addition, in a statement after Jiangmin not a sound, a kind of hastily withdraw troops feeling was that if a malicious defamation, it should be a clear statement to Kaspersky, or two to communicate, if identified as malicious defamation of third-party competitors, it should draft a joint statement.

Profile Control Analysis

As a result, Kabbah and Jiangmin two each out of a move, they also receive bills expected battle did not happen in the market. The two companies give up this great opportunity to market speculation, market manipulation, if not poor is that the two had untold difficulties, but I prefer to believe the latter.

Leaving aside the incident aside, outsiders may not understand Kaspersky anti-virus industry position. Kaspersky I was the first to enter the field of the legendary anti-virus, anti-virus industry's master, he later created the Kaspersky Lab, invented many of the anti-virus technology such as floating signature technology have become final standard anti-virus technology, then the international branches of many anti-virus are derived from Kaspersky them there. As the domestic soft-extracting technologies stems from Xing soft decompression software analysis, the domestic anti-virus technology start, also stems from Kaspersky's analysis, and analysis at the time is not only a technical fashion, more quickly to improve their technical amendment to the compulsory, only later as the software industry norms and anti-virus business process, people are trying to play down his body Kaspersky shadow.

The facts in this case, the Kaspersky to accuse any one vendor, there will be full of gas. I think this is Jiangmin companies do not want to play too much to dwell on the infringement of an incentive. For Kaspersky speaking, even found some clues, he can not easily judge under the infringement. Which anti-virus because both the domestic companies, have a stalk of red seedlings are the background, are a little bit from the DOS era make up the anti-virus technology, and has a lot of very familiar of the original technology, to deny them, is indeed difficult .

On the other hand, commercial litigation not only go a long litigation process, but also gather some useful evidence, it is clearly not easy in the Internet age, with fighting a protracted war of attrition is not much value, as in other fronts to seek new breakthroughs. Of course, there is a third reason.

Kaspersky anti-virus technology though is the world's top companies, but to open up the Chinese market has been very good, "China's national conditions," once again played a role, that is, to make a difference in the Chinese market, will certainly To abide by rules of the game, this action is clearly an attempt to Kaspersky, it is easy to be understood as a malicious speculation, is not working well would be very vulnerable to negative effects, deep in China's Zhang Likun dumb know that the consequences of Therefore, the above results emerged.


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Comprehensive understanding of redirection 301

What is a 301 turn?

301 turn (or call 301 redirect, 301 jumps) is when a user or search engine sent to the web server browse requests, the server returns the HTTP data stream in the header information (header) in a status code that the page permanent transfer to another address.

Other common status codes include 200, everything is normal, 404 pages found, 302 temporary shift, and so on.

Why do at turning?

In addition to the Web site introduced in front of standardization issues, there are many needs to be done at turning the situation. For example, for the protection of copyright, you have several different TLD domain name:

And so on.

Naturally all of these domain names point to a website. Mainly use as domain name, you can turn to the other domain

Registered company name or your domain name, but too long, you register a domain user to remember acronym, one of the domain name call the shots, the other can turn to the main domain name.

Why use 301 turn?

Website shift methods include: 301 turn, 302 turn, JavaScript turned, PHP / ASP / CGI turn, META REFRESH META refresh the page, and so on. URL 302 may be turned Standardization. Other methods are commonly used cheating methods, of course not saying that can not legitimately use the method itself is not wrong, but it was cheating to use more, search engines are sensitive to these suspicious move. Why risk it.

When using a 301 redirect page A to page B, page A search engine can be sure to change the location of a permanent, or that does not actually exist, the search engine will bring web B as the only valid goal. Advantage is that, first, there is no standardization issues at the second, and very importantly, the PR web pages A-level will be reached page B.

Often linked to other sites

Not you want

This link will pass PR to all URL, if you turn 301, the first three URL Go

PR has also focused on web

How to determine site URL Normalization?

There is a saying in English, something is not broke do not fix on. Many sites do not shift position 301 did not affect, then do not touch it.

If you think your site's ranking is not expected, they could see if there is at standardization issues:

1) check whether the URL has a similar PR value and cached:

If so, it may be a problem.

2) Search about site: to see if the results have more than one page version.

3) Your site is a large number of pages in Google have been marked as "supplementary material" (Supplemental Result). Generally considered to be classified as "supplementary material" is a symptom of Web Standardization.

How to do 301 turn

If you are using a Unix / Linux host, you can use the file (Unix / Linux in a specific order for the directory, such as passwords, steering, error handling, etc. files).

Such as the / old.htm to, can use this command:

redirect 301 / old.htm


redirect permanent / old.htm

If all forms of URL redirect with 301 to, including:




Etc., but also use mod_rewrite:

Options + FollowSymLinks

RewriteEngine on

RewriteCond% (HTTP_HOST) ^ [NC]

RewriteRule ^(.*)$ $ 1 [L, R = 301]

If you are using a Windows host, be turned 301 in the control panel settings to do.

Add: standardization of the Web comment in answer to the question the king stone, may be helpful:

As far as I know, HTML can not do 301 shift. Can only be done in HTML, JS or META REFRESH, but not the 301 turn. HTML one is read, it has returned a 200 OK status code.

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